Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas


mothers day gift ideas

The best mothers day gift ideas are all about love and appreciation!

After all, moms have one of the toughest jobs ever: they nurture, comfort, educate, listen, nurse, chauffeur, clean, cook, wash, bath, scrub, tidy, feed, sooth, encourage, worry and a million other things 24/7 all year round.

Amazing huh? But sometimes also taken for granted.

And speaking from experience, there is nothing more frustrating for a mother than being taken for granted.

So take advantage of this mothers day to show your mom just how much you appreciate her with these great mother day gift ideas anyone can put together.

Queen for a Day Gift Basket crown

This is an extremely cheap mothers day gift idea that will sweep any mother off her feet!

It is my favorite mothers day gift basket too as it is so easy to make - all you need is a printer and good intentions.

This gift idea concept is based on every mom's secret (or not so secret) wish : have one day without any kind of house chores, but still get everything done so nothing is pending when this day is over....

So... hand her a Queen for a Day gift basket containing the following ingredients (the first two printables make most of this gift, the rest are optional accessories)

basket Container - basket
free printable queen for a day certificate Queen for a day certificate - a free printable certificate announcing mom is a queen for the day and therefore her humble servants shall do all house chores instead of her.
free printable coupon book for mom Mom's magical coupon book - a coupon book full of coupons your mom can redeem with you to get everything done around the house. Feel free to print multiple copies for some coupons. Beware - Print out only the coupons you intend to fulfill!
crown Crown / Tiara
cape Cape
magic wand Magic Wand
bell Small bell - so she can ring for you whenever she wants to make a wish.

If you want to take it further, you can also include the latest copy of her favorite women's magazine, a manicure or a massage voucher or tickets to a girls movie, so she can enjoy herself while the other members of the family attend to her requests.


For a quick version of the "queen for a day" gift idea:

1. Order one the below cool designs from Zazzle.com.

2. Print the magical coupon book.

And that's it! Your mother's gift idea is ready!


If you think that one day is not enough how about these items saying "Queen all year round"?


recharge gift basketIf your mom is completely exhausted and you feel the "Queen for a Day" gift basket won't be enough, try the recharge gift basket for the worn out mom ! This gift basket contains the above elements plus a whole lot of other accessories to revitalize and energize overburdened mothers.

If you do not live with your mom, the house chores part is a little hard to fulfill (a bit tricky to get them done when you live 200 miles away...). So if you are remote, or simply looking for other mothers day gift ideas, check out the following options.

yoga gift basket ideaIf your mother is into sports you can make her a gift basket full of essential items that go along with it. For example, if she runs or jogs you can put together a running gift basket with items such as running socks, personalized music playlist, reflective gear, personal alarm and more (click on gift basket link to see the full list). If she is into yoga make a yoga gift basket with some incense, a yoga blanket, anti-slip socks, mat strap and other yoga related items. Check out this page for more sports related gift basket themes.

If your mom is not the sporty type but likes to keep in tip-top shape you can hardly ever go wrong with a nail care gift basket packed with everything she'll need for well groomed nails - nail polish, cotton buds, nail scissors, emery board and many other inexpensive yet indispensable items.


Breakfast in Bed Gift Basket

breakfast in bed trayA classic mothers day gift basket idea including everything needed for an indulging breakfast in bed.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: fresh pastries, toast or even pancakes, butter, honey, maple syrup, her favorite jam, crackers, gourmet cheese, cookies, granola, yogurt, coffee/ tea, fruit, newspaper / magazine, a pretty napkin and some fresh flowers. This gift basket is best served directly in bed on mothers day morning.


Other Easy To Make Homemade Gifts For Mom


music CDburn a CD / disk-on-key with a collection of her favorite music. If she has a music records/ tapes that she loves but has no idea what to do with, you can convert them into MP3s for her.

If you burn them onto a portable memory card, add an FM transmitter to your gift, so she can hear her favorite music in her car. For a cool surprise, record yourself singing her a song or reading a poem and add it in between songs.


Homemade Massage

massage gift ideaProfessional body massages tend to be expensive. So if you can't afford to get mom a body massage at a spa, how pampering her with a homemade massage? This could be a great mothers day gift!

Simply print out this massage gift voucher, fill it in, put it in a nice envelope and give it to your mom. You can transform this mothers day gift idea into a complete body massage gift basket - add this coupon to a basket along with massage oil, incense and a CD of relaxing music.


Homemade Nail Care

nail polishKnow how to give a manicure/ pedicure? That's the perfect opportunity for a true mother-child bonding experience!

Print out this nail care gift voucher, fill it in, put it in a nice envelope and give to your mom. You can also add it to the nail care gift basket for a complete nail grooming kit. This way you will have all the items you need when voucher is redeemed...


Best Mom Award

winePrint out this "Best Mom" award and hand it to mom along with flowers, sparkling wine and perhaps a couple of champagne glasses. You can even make a whole ceremony around this award and invite other members of the family to take part.


Free Babysitting

babysitterIf you have younger siblings that still need babysitting, this unique mothers day gift idea won't cost you a thing and will make your mom . Create a babysitting coupon book by printing out many copies of this babysitting coupon, staple them together and make a babysitting coupon booklet for mom. She'll be thrilled (as long as you fulfill them...). Actually, I wish my older daughter would give me such a gift!


Family Memory Game

memory card gameMothers treasure their family, that's a known fact. So how about a memory card game with pictures of mom's most favorite people on earth? check out these simple instructions explaining how to make such a game.


Cooking Free day

cooking free gift ideaIf you know your way around the kitchen and....this is very important....know how to clean it up properly when you are done... you can offer your mom a cooking free day where you will be taking care of all three meals. Print out this certificate and fill in the menu part with the dishes you intend to prepare.


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