How to Make Paper Flowers


Here's are extremely easy instructions on how to make paper flowers out of tissue or crepe paper in under 5 minutes.

paper flowerIt's an excellent option when you need a last minute decoration for your present or gift basket but have no ribbons or bows at home.

All you'll need is:

  • Tissue / Crepe paper (in emergencies even multi-layer toilet paper will do the trick, but you'll need to be extra gentle).
  • A piece of string.
  • Scissors.

Making paper flowers is so easy, that my 6 years old daughter helped me prepare this tutorial (you can see her hands in some of the pictures below).

How to make paper flowers - Instructions



make paper flower step 1
Cut 4 identical pieces of tissue or crepe paper. For this example I used 25cm * 10 cm pieces (9.8 in * 3.9 in).


make paper flowers step 2

Place the pieces one on top of the other as accurately as you can.

Start folding the paper stack on the narrow side (in this example the fold size is about 2 cm (0.8 in) wide).


make paper flowers step 3
Make the first fold so it looks like this.


make paper flowers step 4
Then flip the paper stack over and fold again to the other side.



make paper flowers step 5
After folding the entire length you should end up with an accordion shape like the one here.


make paper flowers step 6
Place a piece of string under the folded paper.



make paper flowers step 7
Wrap the string around it and tie a double knot. Make sure the string is in the middle of the tissue paper as it will serve as the center point of your paper flower.


8. make paper flowers step 8
Cut the edges of the folded tissue papers in half a circle shape on both sides. This will be the shape of the paper flower petals.

make paper flowers step 9
After cutting, your tissue paper should look like this.


10. make paper floswers step 10
Now the fun part begins: Find the first layer of the 4 paper layers and gently separate it from the others by pulling it in the other direction (be careful not to tear it).
11. make paper flowers step 11
Start from one end and move your way along to the other end. When you are done your paper flower should look like this.

make paper flowers step 12
Repeat the previous step with all other 3 paper layers so they are all separated from one another. Then do the same on the other side of the folded flower / accordion.


make paper flowers - finished flower
Once you finish separating the 4 tissue paper layers on both sides of the string, you will end up with a beautiful tissue paper flower like this one!.

You can use the ends of the strings to tie it onto your present or gift basket.


Tips on how to make paper flowers:

  • Size: You can make small or big flowers. Your paper flower's size depends on the width of the paper you work with. The width in this example is about 10 cm (3.9 in). For a larger flower try working with 20-30 cm (8-12 in) wide papers. You will need to create wider folds and fold the paper between 8 - 10 times for a full flower. This means you will need to adjust the length of the paper accordingly.


  • Color: You can create a colorful paper flowers by using more than one color of paper in the 4 layers. Nice combination would be 3 layers of one color and one layer of a lighter or darker shade of the same color.


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