Surprisingly Affordable Cool Gifts for Techies - a Techie Gift Basket

Gifts for techies are all about cool gadgets!

A Techie's life revolves around her/his PC, laptop, cell phone, tablet and any other hand held, clever looking, multi-functional electronic devices. Any gadget to enhance them will make a techie's day, guaranteed!

Sounds expensive? Not necessarily. That's where this page comes in.

Being a bit of a techie myself, I use many cool inexpensive gadgets to improve my (virtual) life and I am about to share them with you. I personally like to get them all at my favorite online budget gadget shop, but you can also find them in eBay and many other shops.

You can customize these ideas to meet your gift budget by choosing one, some or even all of the below items as a gift for your techie recipient.

Techie Gift Basket Ingredients

Container - basket, laptop tray (see below), storage box (see below).

Extra memory gifts for techies

Techies are preoccupied by 2 existential problems: running out of memory and running out of battery. Therefore a USB flash drive (a.k.a  disk-on-key) is one of the best gifts for techies, solving their first problem. USB flash drives come if all sorts of sizes capacities and shapes, they are pretty affordable too and you can never go wrong with one!

Extra energy gifts for techies

Running out of battery  is a major concern for anyone who owns a cell phone, tablet, laptop or any other battery operated device. So just imagine the panic levels a techie reaches if left with almost no battery....

This is where your gift can come in! whether it's a portable power bank (a solar one even better!), a USB power car adapter or a selection of charging cables with multiple adapters - all of these affordable items can make be life saving equipment when it comes to your techie's life...

Declutter and Untangle

  • Storage boxes - Often, being a techie means you have a lot high tech stuff and this stuff tends to have its own accessories and add-ons. It's an ever growing pile of wires bolts and bobs that needs to reside somewhere. If you know your techie needs some help decluttering, you can get him/her a few small boxes with ready made labels saying something like "Iphone & family" (depending on your techie's gadgets of course, you can always leave the labels blank).
  • Cord organizers  -a practical gift for techies, sorting out the tangle made by all these wires, if your techie has not gone 100% wireless yet

Especially for laptop users

laptop tray
Laptop tray - Keeps laptop users' lap from heating and allows their laptop to "breath" while working in bed, on a sofa etc.
Cute USB 800dpi Optical Mouse w/ Retractable Cable
Mini laptop mouse with retractable cable - a great alternative to those who don't like laptop pointing devices (like me..)
18-Key Numeric Keypad for Laptop
USB Silicone number keypad - a life savior for number-crunching people. Smaller laptops don't have a separate number keypad and it is very much needed if you have a lot of number typing to do.
Dual Shock Game Controller USB Joypad for PC
USB gamepad controller for PC games - will give gamers a game console feel when playing on their computers.
Mini USB Laptop PC Fan with LED Lights & Flexible Neck
USB fan - for when work gets intense and things get hot...
Flexible Snake Shaped Lamp with LED Bulb
USB keyboard light - for night workers/surfers. Get ones with LED bulbs which keep cool while in use and conserve energy.

Gifts for smartphone / tablet users

Universal 360 Degree Rotatable Car Windshield Holder
Cell phone/tablet car holder - for cell phone heavy duty users to use in the car. They can adjust the grasp size, place their phone in it and have clear visibility of their beloved device at all times. I love the magnetic ones which can be placed anywhere.
Pumping Toilet Stand Pendant (Assorted Color)
Table stand for Cell Phone/Tablet - for the same phone/tablet addicts to have a better view of their cell phone at their desk. This cute one is shaped like a plunger.
Wall Charging Cell Phone Holder - Color Assorted
Wall charging stand for cell phone - you know how you can never find a place to put your cell phone while it's charging? Here's the solution to this problem. This clever portable folding shelf hangs over cellphone's charger. A great gift for techies or for anyone with small chargeable devices.
Universal 8x Zoom Camera Telescope for Mobile Phone
Zoom lense for smartphone/tablet - with today's phones who needs a camera? for close-up pictures just attach one of these zoom lenses and you are all set to go!
Universal US Cell Phone Battery Charger
Universal cell phone battery charger - after a while, the charging sockets of some cell phones no longer work properly and it gets very difficult to charge them. This charger can charge any cell phone's battery externally, except Apple devices of course (as their batteries are built into their devices).
FM Transmitter w/ Remote & Car Charger f iPhone iPod - Black
FM transmitter for cell phone / tablet -this cool little gadget is a great gift for techies who also love music but don't have a multimedia system in their car. I use it to listen to my iPhone music by transmitting it to a radio frequency of my choice. This way I can hear the music through my car stereo.
2 x Reusable LCD Screen Protector for iPhone 4G
Screen protectors - touch screens are very sensitive and pretty expensive to replace, so it's best to protect them whenever possible, especially when it's so cheap to do so. There are screen protectors for all types of touch screens. Check for your recipient's device model in order to get the right one for him /her.
2 x Stylus Touch Pen for iPhone iPod Touch iPad
Touch pens - a gift for techies who prefer natural hand grip when using drawing / sketching applications on their device.
Cute 3.5mm Earphones Anti-Dust Ear Cap Plug Stopper
Anti-Dust cap for earphone plug - if your techie is also an obsessive cleaner, he/she will appreciate this small cap that prevents dust from entering the earphone socket (there are many more cool shapes to choose from).
Faux Leather Case Cover & Stand f Apple iPad 2
smartphone / tablet case - I am pretty sure your techie already has one but its alays good to have more cases at hand you can even customize them here so your gift will be one of a kind.
keyboard Keyboard add-on - useful for those who type a lot on their tablets. Much more convenient than touch screen.

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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