Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Easter gift baskets are usually all about bunnies, eggs, and loads of chocolates and candy, which is great of course. But every now and then we might fill the urge to come up with more unique Easter basket ideas.

If you are feeling this urge right now, keep on reading - you are in the right place!

How can you make an Easter gift basket a little different?
Let's start with the first item on the list- the basket. That's Easter's default gift concept, right?

So.... how about making it all about the BASKET this time?

"All About the Basket" Easter basket idea

Instead of looking for a cheap basket to fill in with a variety of items, put the emphasis on the basket itself this time. Choose an up-scale practical container that can be used even after Easter is over.

You can choose a newspaper basket, a nice serving dish, a tool box, a picnic basket, a tote bag or many other useful containers.

For children choose playful containers such as a mini grocery cart,plastic play bucketwagon, girl's purse, boy's backpackpencil case etc.

In this case, the basket filler is secondary to the "basket" itself. You can fill your container with the traditional assortment of chocolates and candy (with a strong preference to bunny and egg shaped items of course).

Or you can go to the nearest dollar store and get inexpensive items to match the concept of your container. For example - fill in a child's container with crayons, coloring book, scissors, stickers and other crafty items. Fill in a girl's purse with hair accessories, pretend makeup and nail polish. For adults fill in a tool box with inexpensive working tools and accessories, fill in a newspaper basket with an assortment of the latest magazines or fill in a serving dish with kitchen utensils (see the next Easter basket idea for inspiration....).

Add an Easter spirit to these gift basket ideas with these Easter decorating tips.

"All About Eggs" Easter gift idea

Eggs are one of Easter's symbols right? Then why not take it to the extreme with an egg theme gift basket?

Fill in a gift basket with everything to do with eggs:

whisk Egg scrambler/ whisk
bowl Small bowl - to beat eggs in (can also serve as the container)
frying pan Frying pan (can also serve as the container)
spatula Spatula
egg cup Egg cups
sand clock sand clock/timer - for timing soft boiled egg cooking
egg spoon Egg spoons - designed specifically to remove egg content from its shell through a small hole (but any teaspoon will do).
egg piercer Egg piercer - makes a small hole in egg shell to prevent it from cracking when boiled.
egg cracker Egg topper/ cracker- toppers remove the top part of egg shell and crackers do the shell breaking so your hands don't get dirty.
egg separator Egg separator - an essential kitchen utensil that separates yolk from egg white.
egg slicer Egg slicer - cuts eggs into thin even slices.
omelet ring Egg/pancake rings - for the perfect omelet shape.
egg tray Egg tray - to store eggs in.
Omelet maker Microwave omelet maker - to make the perfectly folded omelet in your microwave.
egg instructions Egg cooking instruction magnet - I never remember how many minutes it takes to boil an egg and I suspect I'm not the one... Print out this tiny egg making quick guide and stick a magnet at the back or it for your recipient fridge door.
recipes box Egg recipes - write down some of your favorite egg recipes or print out some from the web (here's a nice option) and add them to your Easter gift basket. Alternatively you can include an egg related cook book in it.
hen Hen - for a final humoristic touch, get a hen plush toy or make one yourself. Place it on top of your gift basket as if it is hatching your gift items.

Eggs decorating kit

If you happen to give your Easter gift basket ahead of time, take advantage of the timing and put together an egg decorating gift basket - a classic Easter basket idea. Here are ideas for items to include in it:

stencils Stencils
brush Brushes
egg blower and needle for Easter eggs Egg blower and needle
Easter egg dye Egg dye (or food coloring tabs)
egg cup Egg cups or egg tray - to keep eggs steady while decorating.
Easter stickers Stickers - wiggly eyes stickers are my favorite.
markers Permanent color markers
pompons Small pompons
glue Glue
Easter egg holder Egg dipper/holder - you can buy specially made ones, make one yourself by bending a wire or even include a soap bubbles blower instead.
Easter plastic eggs Plastic eggs
straws straws
colorful  felt sheets Felt in different colors
wipes Wipes - to clean up the mess.
bows Small disposable bowls - for egg color dipping. One for each color.
vinegar Vinegar - helps egg dye stick onto eggs.
rubber bands Rubber bands - placed on eggs before dying for a stencil like affect.
crayons Crayons - if used on a warm egg, they will melt and create a special affect.
glitter Glitter

Other Easter Basket Ideas

Bunny Slipper gift basket

Get a pair of bunny slippers and turn each one of them into a gift basket. Fill it in with bunny shaped items- chocolates, cookies, plush toys, stickers etc. Add some egg shaped items too to balance it off.

Try to give these slippers gift baskets to members of the same family to that someone can use them! (or you can keep the second one and reveal it later).

Easter Garden in a Pot gift "basket"

A really cool Easter basket idea (although it does not involve a real basket): Buy a large pot with a beautiful plant inside (a fruit bearing plat would be perfect). Cover the soil with shredded crumbled green paper to visualize grass, and stick jelly beans, small Easter eggs and bunny chocolates in between shredded pieces. Place a couple of children figurines on the "grass" and wrap it all with cellophane paper. Your master piece will look like a miniature Easter egg hunt scene!

Easter Basket Decorating Tips

No matter which gift basket you come up with, you can always add an Easter feeling to it with these decorating ideas:

  • Cut rabbit shaped ears out of cardboard and stick it onto the container's top part or basket handle (here's a rabbit ears template you can use. Don't forget to color them).
  • Add bunny and egg shaped items (small toys, plastic eggs, cookies and of course chocolate and other candy) to your basket. Hang one of these items off your container with a pretty ribbon.
  • Shred some green paper in a shredder, cut it manually using scissors or buy ready made green filler. Use the shredding as a grass like filler in your gift basket.
  • Add small plastic flowers in-between gift items for a floral spring time feeling. You can use Hawaiian leis necklaces which can be found at any dollar store for this purpose. Simply tangle the flower necklace in-between your gift item or cut it and scatter the separate flowers in the basket.

Looking for other Easter basket ideas that do not involve bunnies, eggs and chocolate?

Put together a gift basket based on your recipient's hobbies or personality. Click on the links to find out more.

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